Pitbull Rescue Adoption Procedure

  • The adopter must visit the holding shelter and meet the animal in person. We advise a meet and greet with your existing pets and the potential adoptable animal take place at the holding shelter in Queenswood.
  • A home check date is arranged.
  • If the home check is approved, the adopter will be notified and can come and collect the adopted animal.  (There is no Adoption fee but we ask that those who adopt the animals at least give a donation to cover some of our Vet costs.)
  • If the adoption should not work out after a few days, the animal may be returned, no questions asked and the donation will be refunded.
  • No animal will be released to the adopter before it has not been spaded and chipped.  Spading and chip fee will be for the account of the Adopter when receiving the adoptee.
Adoptions available at the moment