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Bruno is the dog to make history at the adoption center as he is the first Pit Bull that we have physically rescued ourselves and to also successfully placed for adoption.

Patrick is our caretaker of the rescue dogs while we are hosting them.  It was a case of First Love for both of them. Patrick and Bruno fell in love with one another at the first sight.  We were amazed to see how this dog that has been running wild in the veld followed Patrick around like a puppy.
At the end love overcame and we decided to adopt Bruno to the center as our welcome puppy to all new arrivals to come.

Bruno loves to follow Patrick around wherever he goes and just love chewing shoes. My poor wife has lost two pairs already…. But who can stay angry for long at such a face.


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Dawn and Sam

Both Sam and Dawn were placed together in a loving home without having to separate them as they have been together for a long time.

I have inspected them and they are well fed and contented.

Please consider supporting our rescue center as we are still in need of a lot of equipment for the dogs and our vet costs are high when we rescue these dogs.

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